Sunday, 2 September 2007

News of second leg of trip

We are setting up a second blog to cover the second leg of our trip and we wıll call it

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Back at Macahel Pass, after another hair-raising driving experience and the release of breaths when the strange sound which followed us for the final four kilometers was discovered to be a branch stuck at the back of the left rear wheel.

Border between Turkey and Georgia seen from the guest house.

The mosque of Camili Village.

Folk dancing with accordeon organized by Mert's group of doctors with architect and baker.

View from the house at Maral Village where we had lunch, and our host Hamdi.

Eser tries her first butterfly shot on the way back.

74 year old Uncle Salih who carved some of the steps and brewed the tea for the fortunate few who could make it back up.

Eser and Emine don't have bathing suit, Ahmet does not have the courage to go all the way down to the pond.

Going down to the waterfall with our guide Cem and another guide Mert, after our 3 km. walk.

View from the Tema Guesthouse balcony.
One of the guests in Camili trying to recover after playfull harassment by cow.

Finally above the cloud line! but not yet at the 5,600 ft. Macahel Pass which stays snowed under for 7 months of the year forcing the denizens of the 6 villages beyond to seek what they need in or through Georgia.

Tea plants.

Bridge with the junior soccer team :)

Moving inland and looking back at the black sea.

On the highway between Hopa and the Georgian border/

Our guide and driver Koba who spoke Turkish with terrific Laz accent.

Circus advertising in Batumi
How much of an adventure it would be was not foreseen, altough all aesthetic and nature-loving expectations were fully met.

Lodging at Hotel Terzioglu, Hopa; Tema Foundation Guest House, Camili were elther adequate or better.

Roads from Borcka to Camili (47 km.) was vicious.